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MinerBox - Remote monitoring watcher tool for blockchain miners.
Free smart observer tool for cryptocurrency miners.

Best free smart tool for blockchain miners: Bitfly, Ethermine, Flexpool, Binance, Crazy, NiceHash, Slushpool, MPH, F2pool, viaBTC, Ant, Suprnova, Nano, Monero, 2Miners,, unMinable, Litecoin, Poolin & etc

Allow to monitoring different pools: GPU, ASIC, CPU, Solo & etc
Allow to track cryptocurrency current market data/stat, and add alert for coin change
Provide analytic information for mining pool and coin (app stat)
Provide Cryptocurrency Converter for any Coin to Coin or Coin to Fiat or Fiat to Coin convertion
What to Mine tool to calculate profitability of your specified rig (GPU, ASIC, Model, Algo)
Smart coin and pool widget (single, multi, balance). Coin Widget exist in free version

Check rig account hs (Graph)
Check rig account payout (Payment transaction)
Check rig account worker (Online / Offline mode)
Track rig balance (Paid, Unpaid, Unconfirmed)
Track rig shares (Invalid, Stale, Valid)
Track rig reward stat for solo pool
Monitoring pool stat, hash/hs, network hash, network difficulty, block stat

Provide alert/notification for easy pool monitoring:
Account hs change (Auto and Manual alert/notification)
Account worker change (Auto and Manual alert/notification)
Account payout detection (Auto payout alert/notification)

Currently supported mining pool list in MinerBox monitoring app:
- Bitfly (Flypool, Ethermine & etc)
- MPH (Mining Pool Hub)
- Suprnova
- Monero Ocean (XMR)
- F2Pool
- 2Miners (PPLNS and SOLO)
- ZET pool
- RavenMiner (RVN)
- Antpool
- ViaBTC
- Nanopool
- Cruxpool
- Slushpool
- Solopool
- WoolyPooly (PPLNS and SOLO)
- C3Pool (XMR)
- Liberty (XMR)
- Support XMR
- EMCD (DOGE, Litecoin, ETC)
- Flexpool (ETH, Chia)
- Herominers
- Litecoin (LTC)
- unMineable (CRO, SOL, SHIB, ELON, DOGE & etc)
- Crazy (ETH, ETC, UBQ)
- ProHashing
- Nicehash (ETH, ETC, ZIL)
- Binance
- Hiveon (ETH, ETC)
- Poolin
- Zergpool
- Zpool
- Poolflare


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